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We began producing RA Racers™ in 1977 because the Pinewood Derby Kits, made by the Boy Scouts, were too difficult for the boys in my RA chapter to build. Also, the Texas state RA director wanted to have a racer kit we could call our own instead of having to use Boy Scout products. The most important part of our new kit was the unique copyrighted design of the RA Racer™ wheel. My father-in law, Garvice Key Hill, is responsible for the design that is the fastest wheel on the track. Another innovation which has been copied by pinewood derby kit makers across the country is the axle slot that we invented in 1978 which made wheel alignment easier and the cars faster. The 1980s brought another innovation for RA Racers™ by my father Bob Kennedy, the pre-cut car shape. All other pinewood derby kit manufacturers now produce pre- shaped kits. We will continue to create products like the wheel mounting block and others to make RA Racers™ YOUR choice for racing.

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